Man who carried out medical procedures gets suspended sentence

26 Jun 2013 03:40
KARASBURG, 26 JUN (NAMPA) - An Angolan refugee arrested for circumcising men in Aussenkehr in the Karas Region has been given a fine of N.dollars 1 000 or three months? imprisonment, suspended for five years.
In May this year, the 60-year-old Jose Rodriquez Eduardo circumcised more than five men without an appropriate medical licence. The Karasburg District Court last Thursday found him guilty of contravening the Allied Health Professions Act, No.7 of 2004.
The Act states that any person who is not registered who performs, for gain, any act pertaining to an allied or complementary health profession, is guilty and liable to a fine not exceeding N.dollars 6 000 or imprisonment for a period not more than 18 months, or both.
State prosecutor Basson Lilungwe confirmed the sentence to Nampa upon enquiry Tuesday, saying Eduardo appeared in court last Thursday when Magistrate Jenifer Nghishitende read the sentence.
Apart from circumcising men and 'curing' haemorrhoids, for which he charged people between N.dollars 150 and N.dollars 300, he also extracted teeth at a charge of N.dollars 30.
A list of the Angolan refugee?s clients, obtained from the Namibian Police Force (NamPol)?s Crime Investigations? Coordinator in the Karas Region, Deputy Commissioner Rudolf Isaak last month showed 19 people received services from Eduardo and paid for such services.
The police confirmed that there were no deaths reported amongst the people who were treated by Eduardo.
?He told the court he used to give such medical services in Angola, and claims to have a medical licence which allowed him to operate in that country. He further said he was invited by a resident to circumcise men at Aussenkehr,? the prosecutor said.
Eduardo is a refugee from Osire Refugee Camp. He went to Aussenkehr on a visiting permit, where he started his illegal health practice in a traditional hut.
Aussenkehr is situated some 24 kilometres north-west of the Noordoewer settlement along the Orange River in the south of the country, while Osire is in north-western Namibia, over 1 000 kilometres from Aussenkehr.