BBA Update: Maria and Dillish face the possibility of eviction

June 26, 2013, 3:34 am

It is sad to know your favorite housemate is up for nominations and it is very depressing when two of your country-men (country-women??) face the possibility of being evicted and to make matters worse Namibia has only one vote. What country will possibly vote for our Namibian girls, South Africa is probably upset with Maria for not accepting Angelo’s heart. Zimbabwe has two of its own up for possible eviction and same applies to Sierre Leon, Kenya and Malawi.  Minus 4 country votes our girls have to win over the 11 votes left but let us not forget that Dillish and Maria are not the only housemates nominated. There is 5 more.

Like last week there were 7 housemates up for possible eviction. Competition is getting harder by the week. This is how the Ruby house voted;

Feza (HoH): Pokello, Natasha
Angelo: Elikem, Natasha
Fatima: Pokello, Oneal
Natasha: Elikem, Bolt
Oneal: Sulu, Bassey
Bolt: Sulu, Natasha
Sulu: Bolt, Fatima
Pokello: Bolt, Sulu
Elikem: Sulu, Natasha
Bassey: Feza, Angelo

Head of house Feza saved Sulu and replaced him with Pokello.

This is how the Diamond house voted;

Dillish: Hakeem and Selly
Melvin: Nando and Bimp
Beverly: Annabel and Selly
Selly: Annabel and Dillish
Bimp: Annabel and Maria
Hakeem: Dillish and Annabel
Maria: Hakeem and Nando
Annabel: Hakeem and Beverly
Cleo: Dillish and Nando
Nando (HoH): Dillish and Maria

Head of house Nando replaced himself with Maria.

Housemates nominated are, Maria, Dillish, Hakeem, Annabel, Natasha, Pokello and Bolt.