BBA Update: The swap unites Hakeem and Cleo

June 25, 2013, 4:53 am

The swap unites Hakeem and Cleo

After nomination's pressure, Big brother finally got the house forgetting by keeping them busy with tasks and on day 24 Wednesday the house mates got to play crush wall. This time around the focus is not on Hakeem and Cleo. Nando is hoping he gets to spend time with Selly and with the help of the housemates most of them voted Selly as their crush. Angelo voted for Maria in hope that he can spend time with her. It is a pity Maria is not into Angelo and it was sad that she was swapped just when Angelo had opened up to her about his feeling. I am hoping that Angelo and Maria will get the chance to be in the same house again because I want Maria on the spot a little. She needs to show Africa her more of her lovely personality. Hakeen on the other hand voted Cleo as his crush in hope he could get the third date with his Cleo but the feeling did not seem mutual when Cleo decided to sacrifice that time for Maria and Angelo.

Friday is my favorite day because the housemates get to go to the arena and compete against each other as houses. The Airtel show down brings the housemates together. The task of the live size dominoes was very interesting. Each house had to place dominoes on a wooden plank in a row and at the end of the row there was an ax that will trigger the winning flag. One by one housemates careful placed the dominoes in the row following the plank and to determine the winner, the housemates will have to knock one domino over up until all the dominoes knock each other over till the ax is triggered for the flag to show. The ruby team had very good team spirit they cheered each other on whilst the diamond house found difficulty in communicating as everyone was shouting and commanding during the game. But to my surprise the very unorganized team won the Airtel showdown challenge. As the housemates waited to go back to their respective houses. They got a chance to converse and all that was being talked about was the swap. Everyone had an opinion on who should be swapped and why. Annabel was fishing from her fellow housemates to find out who is willing to swap houses.

Almost an hour after housemates got back to their homes. They were summoned to gather in the lounge and Annabel head of house of the Diamonds was asked to say who she is going to send to the ruby house from the diamond house and vise verso. Annabel did not hesitate as she mentioned that she wanted Cleo and Shelly from the Ruby house to join the diamond house. Unlike Selly that cried her eyes out Cleo took the news well. Which is expected because she is finally being reunited with “her man” Hakeem. Now when Annabel had to choose 2 of her fellow housemates to send to ruby house she was hesitant, she took so much time deciding that big brother called her and put pressure on her to make the decision and it made the housemates watching from the ruby house inpatient. Annabel mentioned Melvin and realized she made a mistake than she said Bolt and Betty. Bolt was not happy with the decision and clearly said he does not want to go and that Annabel should choose someone else. Poor Annabel was so scared when big brother asked her to confirm the names she went mute for a minute. Housemates in the ruby house did not understand the big deal of Bolts argument because he is at least moving with his girlfriend said Pokello as she tried to make sense of Bolt’s reaction. Eventually Annabel confirmed the names and was firm in her decision of swapping Bolt and Betty for Cleo and Selly. Bolt was not happy at all. The rest of the housemates sympathized with Annabel and explained that it is her decision and that she must not be intimidated by Bolt. Poor Annabel.