BBA Update: Betty and Motamma's last week

June 25, 2013, 4:42 am

Betty and Motamma's last week

The big brother show is slowly but surely coming close to finding a winner, the more housemates are evicted the closer the remaining housemates get to the money. Before Betty’s and Motammas departure, I would like to summarize what has been happening during the week and how Betty and Motamma finally got evicted. The week that was...

After bidding farewell to the Angolan men Biguessas and Neyll, as usual the following day was already nomination time. For the first time in big brother 7 housemates were nominated for possible eviction and that is when the viewer’s get nervous when voting because when you have 7 housemates up for eviction and votes are counted by majority received by a country (1 country, 1 vote) it becomes hard to predict who will get the majority country's vote. This is also the time when you see Facebook and Twitter flooded with brainwashing campaigns encouraging people to all vote for a particular housemate. The ruby house had Pokello, Elikem and Natasha up for nominations, Bassey was head of house and he saved Pokello and replaced her with Oneal. Like most viewers I too felt that Bassey did not think well on who to save and replace. He later in the week admitted that he made a big mistake saving Pokello and replacing her with Oneal. He felt that Oneal did not deserve to be on the chopping board. Bassey was also worried how his fellow housemates will react to the replacement he made. If you ask me Bassey is like a loose cannon in the house, he is the only housemate that I think forgets that Big Brother is a game, his focus is not on the money. So, from the Ruby house it was Oneal, Elikem and Natasha.

The diamond house Bolt and Betty A.K.A Beauty and the Beast were nominated by most housemates with Bolt being saved twice already housemates felt that he needs to face Africa again and Betty was nominated mainly because she puts all her attention into Bolt. Annabel and Nando received 3 nominations each. Annabel was HoH and obviously saved herself and put Motamma up for possible eviction. This is the Botswana's first time on the chopping board, the sad part is, up until eviction day she will not know.  The Monday results were announced to the housemates and Natasha couldn’t handle the idea of her being nominated for the third time in the row, she balled her eyes out so much that cry me a river started playing in my head. Yes! I am pretty sure one point or another a housemate will feel the pressure of the game and how they react to the pressure is natural. There comes a time when the line between reality and the game becomes blurred for the housemates and for Natasha this was it. She failed to recognize that Big Brother is just a game, and yes though housemates want her out, in reality every housemate wants every other housemate out and it is not personal. Fatima explained to Natasha that it’s a game as she tried to calm her. It was sad to see Natasha break down but within the week the flamboyant Malawian was herself again.

The week went by and soon it was Sunday, live evictions. Housemates were getting ready for live evictions and that is how Betty left Bolt heart broken and Motamma left without seeing it coming.

(Look out for updates on the swap that happened this week in the next update)