N$20 million earmarked for Independence celebrations

13 Mar 2014 13:30pm
WINDHOEK, 12 MAR (NAMPA) – An amount of N.dollars 20 million has been allocated to national Independence celebrations this year, Deputy Prime Minister Marco Hausiku said on Wednesday.
Introducing the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM)'s budget allocation of N.dollars 639,5 million in the National Assembly on Wednesday, he further noted that N.dollars 4,5 million has been allocated for Heroes’ Day commemorations and heroes’ funeral expenses during the 2014/15 financial year.
The Deputy Prime Minister said these activities are part of the government’s leadership administration and coordination programme, which allocated N.dollars 90,6 million to the OPM to execute its constitutional mandate.
Other activities under this programme include the disability programme, which received N.dollars 1,3 million; the National Alliance for Improved Nutrition (Nafin), which received N.dollars 300 000; and personnel expenditure, which will amount to N.dollars 21,9 million.
A total of N.dollars 16,4 million is earmarked for capital projects, while N.dollars 8,5 million will go towards the empowerment of the San, Ovatue and OvaTjimba communities by way of an education support programme and infrastructural development.
Hausiku said the remainder of the N.dollars 17,6 million under this programme is for travelling and subsistence allowances, transport, membership fees and furniture.
The policy coordination and support services’ programme received N.dollars 307,8 million, of which N.dollars 125,8 million has been allocated to the Namibia Institute of Public Administration and Management (NIPAM) for operational and development budgetary expenses.
N.dollars 23,7 million has been allocated towards personnel expenditure, N.dollars 39,7 million for transport, travelling and subsistence, materials and supplies, property rentals and other services and expenses.
A total of N.dollars 12,2 million is earmarked for furniture, equipment and vehicle acquisitions, while N.dollars 106,2 million is for capital projects under the policy coordination and support services programme.
Hausiku said N.dollars 62 million is allocated to the National Disaster Management Programme, of which N.dollars 40 million is allocated for the capitalisation of the National Emergency Disaster Fund; N.dollars 3,8 million allocated to the Namibia Red Cross Society for operational costs; N.dollars 3,2 million for capital projects; and N.dollars 15,4 million allocated for personnel and operational expenditure.
He said a total of N.dollars 91 million is allocated for the public services’ management programme, of which N.dollars 47,4 million is earmarked for human capital management system which involves the acquisition of the Oracle Payroll licence module to enable Government to integrate the human resource management administration of payroll.
A total of N.dollars 2 million is allocated for study on the government pension benefit for staff members; N.dollars 3,5 million for public service wellness programmes; and N.dollars 38,1 million for personnel expenditures and operational expenditures.
Hausiku said under the Constitutional obligation of the Public Service Commission, a total of N.dollars 21,5 million is allocated for operational expenditure for that commission and its secretariat.
He further noted that an amount of N.dollars 53,6 million is allocated for the government’s Plan of Action, expansion of intranet and Internet to the regions, and for its Electronic Documents and Records Management System.
Hausiku said an amount of N.dollars 12,6 million is allocated to Governance and Performance Monitoring of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) to promote good governance and good practices in SOEs, and develop policies and regulatory frameworks for SOEs.