Buffalo's CCTV footage to debut in court

24 Jun 2013 11:40
GOBABIS, 24 JUN (NAMPA) - The close-circuit television (CCTV) footage from the Buffalo?s Bar, which has been at the centre of arguments in the ongoing Gobabis racial discrimination and assault case, could resurface as evidence in the Magistrate?s court here.
The bail hearing, which is now in its third week, was postponed to Tuesday this week for possible closure and finalisation.
State forensic expert, Dr Paul Ludik on Monday delivered his long-awaited analysis on the authenticity of the CCTV footage by clearing the disputed footage of having been tempered with.
The court heard that Ludik telephonically related to State prosecutor Johan Pienaar in the presence of defence counsel Bennie Venter that he found the footage to be original and not tempered with.
The defense, guided by counsel Louis Botes, then moved to have the video footage shown in court and also allowed to be ultimately entered as evidence.
Presiding Magistrate Victor Nyazo earlier refused to permit the footage to be entered into evidence or shown in court without the guidance of an expert in the field.
According to the magistrate, since both the defense and the prosecution were still not in agreement on the authenticity of the CCTV footage, the court would only allow it to be played in court in the presence of an expert to guide the court through it.
The defense on Monday indicated that the video footage will show to the court that the main accused in the matter, Niko Kotze, was merely defending himself when he assaulted Gobabis entrepreuneur Levi Katire on 01 June at Buffalo?s.
The same footage, according to Botes, will also show that Kotze?s co-accused in the matter, Fredrick du Plessis also acted in defense of Kotze as they both attempted to curtail an onslaught from Katire.
The defense also appeared to have torn into the investigating officer, Sergeant Elvin Gariseb?s testimony, poking holes in his own statements under cross examination from the defense.
Gariseb appeared to be changing the version of events on what transpired on that fateful night after every question from Botes. He justified this by stating that ?it was simply human error? on at least five different lines of questioning.
Ludik is expected in Gobabis on Tuesday to take the court though the CCTV footage.
The suspects have been remanded in custody pending Tuesday?s outcome.