NamPol to use appropriate force to evacuated illegal farmers

24 Jun 2013 10:40
ONDANGWA, 24 JUN (NAMPA) ? The Inspector-General of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) has reiterated his call for the farmers who are illegally grazing their livestock in the Tsumkwe area of Otjozondjupa Region, to withdraw before 06 July 2013.
Lieutenant-General Sebastian Ndeitunga made the call while opening an annual conference for senior commanders of the NamPol Special Field Force (SFF) Directorate at the Ruben Danger Ashipala Police Training Centre in Ondangwa, Oshana Region on Monday.
The Inspector-General revealed that senior commanders of the SFF Directorate will also use their conference to plan on how to remove the illegal farmers from Tsumkwe once they fail to vacate on their own by 06 July.
More than 30 farmers drove their livestock from the northern regions, and are now grazing their animals in Tsumkwe illegally for some time.
?This brings anarchy and confusion. Why can?t they follow procedures by applying for a grazing permit before driving their cattle to Tsumkwe,? Ndeitunga said, suggesting that the laws of the country should be adhered to even in the ongoing drought situation.
He stressed that the police will use appropriate force to evacuate each of the illegal farmers who will be found refusing to drive his/her livestock from Tsumkwe.
The police accused some of the said famers of also being involved in poaching in the Tsumkwe area, while others have greedily fenced off large portions of land upon their arrival in the same area.
According to Ndeitunga, some owners of the livestock are in Windhoek while most of them are from the northern regions of Ohangwena and Oshikoto.
Although it is believed that the farmers drove their cattle to Tsumkwe as from last month, Ndeitunga noted that some of the farmers have already drilled boreholes for water for their animals.
The SFF Directorate conference will end on Friday.