Henner Rusch wins first Namibia Extreme Enduro

24 Jun 2013 04:40
WINDHOEK, 24 JUN (NAMPA) - Henner Rusch emerged the winner of the first-ever Namibia Extreme Enduro, held here on Saturday in the Herzog mountains about four kilometres (km) west of the Western Bypass.
Thirty riders competed in the tough and rocky enduro race, organised by the company Interpack in association with the Namibia Motorsport Federation (NMSF), the Namibian Enduro Club and supported by Red Bull.
A media statement availed to Nampa in Sunday said Rusch completed the track in an astonishing race time of two hours and 34 minutes, followed by first runner-up Ingo Waldschmidt, who arrived at the finish line after three hours and six minutes. The second runner-up, who crossed the finish line two minutes after Waldschmidt, was Kai Hennes.
The unforgiving 8km race track was kept secret by the organisers until the day of the event, which made it even tougher for riders to finish all five laps as they carried no previous knowledge of the map of the track.
About 300 spectators witnessed the tough riding at a viewer-friendly venue which gave them a view of about 70 per cent of the track.
Interpack Chief Executive Officer (CEO Jacques Coetzer was quoted in the statement as saying plans are underway to make the event even bigger in the future.
?This type of enduro was the very first for Namibia and we really hope we can expand on this concept in 2014 with the support from Red Bull and create an even more spectacular and spectator-friendly aspect to it. We are ecstatic about the positive feedback we received from everybody after the event and I would like to thank all the riders and the Namibian Enduro Club for the great support,? he said.