Otjombinde still under quarantine

12 Mar 2014 15:20pm
GOBABIS, 12 MAR (NAMPA) - Restrictions on the movements of animals in and out of the Omaheke Region’s Otjombinde Constituency, imposed over a month ago, are yet to be lifted.
These restrictions follow reports of suspected stolen cattle, which were allegedly driven into the constituency from Botswana at an undesignated border crossing.
Otjinene State veterinarian Dr Bernard Chiwome told Nampa on Wednesday that the ban is still in place, and cannot be lifted as yet.
Although he would not comment on the results of the tests done on the recovered suspected stolen cattle from Botswana, Chiwome nonetheless confirmed that such tests were indeed carried out.
All livestock auctions have been suspended pending further information, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry has taken other control measures to ensure that the quarantine is properly imposed.
The Otjombinde Constituency borders Botswana on its southern and eastern side.
“The consequences of animals entering Namibia from Botswana is very severe. As such, we are monitoring the situation, and will communicate soon on the way forward regarding the control measures imposed on Otjombinde,” he stated.
According to information availed to this news agency at the time, two suspects allegedly drove three cows into the country from Botswana, most probably by cutting the border fence.
The suspects were consequently arrested, and remanded in custody after their court appearance.
The police have been setting-up temporary roadblocks in and around the Otjombinde Constituency to monitor the movements of meat and meat products, sources at Talismanus have confirmed.
The Botswana district bordering Namibia has been proclaimed as an area of the high presence of foot-and-mouth disease amongst animals, and any animal crossing over into another district thus needs to initially be placed under quarantine.