Man arrested for breaking into Eros home

23 Jun 2013 09:40
WINDHOEK, 23 JUN (NAMPA) - A 23-year old man was caught red-handed by members of the G4S security company and City Police here on Friday evening while breaking into a house in Windhoek?s Eros residential area.
The incident happened at around 21h40 in Heliodoor Street.
It is understood that the homeowners were away, and while the suspect was busy inside one of the bedrooms, the alarm went off, prompting the security company and City Police officials to rush to the scene.
When they arrived at the scene, he was busy packing in bottles of perfume, two cell phones and some jewellery. Two screwdrivers and a knife which he is thought to have used in the break-in were also found in his possession.
He was arrested by the City Police.
Speaking to Nampa at the scene on Friday night, City Police Chief Abraham Kanime urged Windhoek residents to inform the City Police when they travel outside the capital.
He commended neighbourhood watch initiatives, adding that these will be even more effective with the involvement of the City Police.
?Let the City Police know when you are going away so that our members can keep a close eye on your premises along with your neighbours, and intervene in case of suspicious movements,? he urged.
In a separate incident, a 34-year-old man was seriously injured after being stabbed in the neck with an unknown object on Friday night in Katutura?s Johannes Tuejijama Street.
It is understood that the man had confronted his attacker, who was a tenant in his house, to warn him of his unbecoming behaviour at around 20h30. The suspect, who is still at large, fled the scene immediately after the incident. Police investigations into the matter continue.
The stabbing victim was rushed to the hospital by paramedics.
Meanwhile, a blue BMW sedan was found parked in the middle of the road with its lights off in Krisante Street in Khomasdal by members of the City Police on Friday night at around 22h00. There were two male occupants in the car, including the driver.
Upon closer inspection the vehicle was found to not be in a roadworthy state, with some of the major components such as headlights, indicators, and wipers not working.
The vehicle?s licence disc was removed by the City Police and the owner was told to have the vehicle repaired and then put through a roadworthy test at NaTIS Valley.
He was also warned not to drive the vehicle, except to and from the place of repair and to NaTIS Valley offices.