Kujeurua Project donates 300 bags of maize to Kunene schools

23 Jun 2013 08:00
OPUWO, 23 JUN (NAMPA) - The Kujeurua Project on Thursday came to the rescue of rural schools in the Kunene Region battling food shortages by donating 300 bags of maize meal and 45 bags of sugar.
The N.dollars 20 000 donation was made up of 10 kilogramme (kg) bags of maize meal and sugar.
The Kujeurua Project was started by the Deputy Director of Education for the Kunene Region, Bernadette Jagger, who was education inspector of the Epupa Circuit at the time.
It was established in 2007 to assist Kunene schools with supplementary food such as cooking oil, fish, vegetables and sugar after it was noticed that most rural schools in the Kunene Region depend on the national school feeding programme only.
The school feeding programme supplies schools with bags of blended maize meal, which is the only source of food for most learners at the Ondao Mobile Primary School?s different units in the region.
The distribution of maize meal under the Namibian School Feeding Programme has been delayed since the beginning of the second term on 21 May this year.
The spokesperson of the Ministry of Education, Romeo Muyunda recently told Nampa the problem is caused by the delays in appointing a company to distribute maize meal to all primary schools around the country.
The previous tender contract for the distribution expired at the end of March this year.
?However, we have recently contracted someone, a private company, to distribute the maize meal to all our primary schools in the country under the School Feeding Programme,? he said.
The education inspector of the Opuwo Circuit, Chris Tjivikua on Thursday said the supplementary food from the Kujeurua Project came at the right time. It is expected that the maize meal will last at least until the Government supplies are delivered.
?We have been informed that the tender has been awarded and they were busy blending the maize meal. Ideally, in about a week?s time, the deliveries nationwide will start,? said Tjivikua.
He explained that the maize meal donated by the project would be delivered to schools which have food shortages to ensure that learners receive one meal per day.
The principal of Ondao Primary School, Amon Kapi said his school appreciates the donation as some of the learners have been left in the care of teachers who have to ensure that they have something to eat since their parents have moved to areas far away from the school.
?At least this year only 1 per cent of the learners enrolled at all 40 schools (units) dropped out compared to up to 5 per cent in some years,? he said.
Children at most of the Ondoa Mobile Primary School units travel up to six kilometres to and from school every day, many on an empty stomach.
Tjivikua called on individuals and business owners to assist in funding the Kujeurua Project to ensure that it gives the needed assistance to learners at schools in the Kunene Region.
He said the funds used to supply the donation were mostly contributed by teachers and private individuals.