Burned remains found in Khomasdal

23 Jun 2013 06:40
WINDHOEK, 23 JUN (NAMPA) ? The burned remains of an unidentified person was found in Tiptol Street in Windhoek?s Khomasdal residential area on Saturday at round 14h00.
The remains, which were reduced to ashes, were discovered in the bushes by a passerby who alerted the police. Only the skull and a pair of glasses were found with the ashes.
Speaking to Nampa at the scene on Saturday, City Police spokesperson Helena Mootseng said the identity of the body is not yet known, and police investigations into the matter continue.
She further told this agency that a woman was reported missing with the police about a week ago, but the police cannot say yet whether the find holds any connection to the missing person.
?Only the skull is left, which makes it difficult for the police to identify the victim. We do not want to speculate at this point, but rather let the police do the necessary investigations and identify the victim,? she said.