More than 70 Namibian entrepreneurs going to Ondjiva Trade Fair

23 Jun 2013 06:10
OSHIKANGO, 23 JUN (NAMPA) ? More than 70 Namibian entrepreneurs have registered for the 2013 Ondjiva Trade Fair, which takes place at Ondjiva in southern Angola from 10 July.
Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) representative at the northern border town of Helao Nafidi, Frieda Shikangala told Nampa on Saturday the 73 Namibian entrepreneurs are from different regions and they are expected to take their goods to Ondjiva to get their stalls ready as from 05 July.
Namibian entrepreneurs have been participating in the annual Ondjiva Trade Fair since 2006 as per an arrangement between the northern branch of the NCCI and Angola?s Cunene Chamber of Commerce.
The official opening of the 2013 Ondjiva Trade Fair will be on 10 July and as such, hence the request that the Namibian entrepreneurs enter Angola and prepare the stalls where they will showcase their products and services between 05 and 08 July.
On 09 July, no Namibian entrepreneur will be allowed to take goods from Namibia to the trade fair centre, which is situated some five kilometres (km) south of Ondjiva, as by then all the arrangements will be geared towards the official opening of the fair the next day.
The Ondjiva Trade Fair is expected to run for some 15 days after its official opening.
This was announced by the director of the Ondjiva Trade Fair, Maria Joau, at a meeting on the arrangements and organisation of the trade fair held at Helao Nafidi in the Ohangwena Region on 18 June.
The meeting was convened to discuss and iron out the challenges and difficulties faced before by the Namibian business personalities in their participation at the Ondjiva Trade Fair.
According to Joau, an exhibition space in the tented area will cost 15 000 Angolan Kwanza (about N.dollars 1 500), while in the open area, it will cost 8 000 Kwanza (about N.dollars 800).
Those present at the meeting were also informed that Namibian entrepreneurs have to pay three per cent of the value of their products as import duty at the Angolan customs office when entering Angola.
They are required to register all their goods with the Angolan customs office at the border as they enter into Angola, to avoid being charged Angolan export duty when bringing their stock back to Namibia after the trade fair.
The livestock auction at this year?s trade fair will take place on 15 and 16 July, and the livestock owners are required to present their animals on the 15th.
?To smooth administrative hurdles, register your interest and participation in the Ondjiva Trade Fair with Frieda (Shikangala),? Joau said to the Namibian entrepreneurs.
Chairperson of the NCCI Northern Branch, Tomas Iindji, said in a media statement over the weekend he is optimistic that the close cooperation between the NCCI, Ondjiva Trade Fair management and Cunene Chamber of Commerce will lead to smooth facilitation at the border and enhanced access for Namibian traders to the Angolan market.
Ondjiva is the administrative capital of the Cunene Province of Angola, and is located some 42km north of the Namibian-Angolan border post of Oshikango.