Nearly 80 fines issued for loading of employees, overloading

11 Mar 2014 13:40pm
WINDHOEK, 11 MAR (NAMPA) - A total of 79 fines were issued by the City Police for overloading and the loading of employees onto open trucks over the weekend.
City Police Chief Abraham Kanime told Nampa on Monday although truck drivers and other public transporters have been prohibited from transporting employees in open trucks, they are still continuing with the practice.
The Minister of Works and Transport, Erkki Nghimtina recently announced that due to an increase in truck-related road accidents, the ministry has decided to strictly enforce public transportation laws, particularly the regulations prohibiting employers from transporting their employees in trucks.
Three of the fines for overloading were issued to City of Windhoek bus drivers who transported more than two standing passengers. Municipal bus drivers are only allowed to transport two standing passengers once all bus seats are fully occupied.
The fine for overloading is N.dollars 2 500.
Kanime said in total, 259 traffic fines were issued to Windhoek motorists from Friday until Sunday.
More than 20 people were arrested for outstanding warrants.
The City Police Chief also expressed concern over the number of cases reported to the police for theft out of a motor vehicle, especially over the past week.
“We recorded 30 cases in the last seven days, which occurred mostly as a result of motorists leaving valuable items visible in their cars,” he said.
Most of the items reported as stolen were laptops and cell phones.