TransNamib acquires state-of-the-art fuel tankers

22 Jun 2013 04:30
WINDHOEK, 22 JUN (NAMPA) - TransNamib Holdings has acquired four state-of-the-art Scania R500-model trucks and eight road fuel tankers.
The newly acquired equipment, worth approximately N.dollars 13 million, will replace old equipment which is no longer suitable for use.
The equipment was commissioned by the Deputy Minister of Works and Transport, Kilus Nguvauva here on Friday at the TransNamib container terminal.
The road fuel tankers each have seven compartments, and have a total capacity of 45 500 litres each.
The new tankers can carry both diesel and petrol in different compartments, and fully comply with the highest safety standard requirements applicable in fuel transportation operations.
The trucks are also designed using the latest technology, which enhances safety for the truck operators.
Speaking at the event, Nguvauva said fuel delivery is crucial in the development of both the production and service industries which grow the economy and result in the creation of jobs for Namibians.
?Fuel is an important commodity which has become part of our daily lives, and as a nation, we can hardly become proactive and attain our set goals and objectives if there is no timely and sufficient supply of means of production such as fuel,? he said. The deputy minister further applauded TransNamib for making budgetary provisions to invest in new equipment that will open up new commercial opportunities, and for fully embracing modern systems and aided practices in the fuel industry.
He added that technological transformation in the oil industry compels operators and players to constantly acquire the appropriate technologically advanced equipment to meet industry demands, as well as to adhere to safety and environmental requirements.
?TransNamib, being a company which transports bulk fuel, is therefore required to follow the new trends in the fuel industry,? he stressed.
Meanwhile, TransNamib Chief Executive Officer, Sara Naanda said after conducting a review of various business operations, the company found that many of its core services needed major investments in new equipment with modern technology if the parastatal is to remain competitive through improved efficiency, effectiveness and on-time delivery.
Bulk fuel transportation being one of the core business operations was one of the identified sectors that needed investment in equipment which is not only efficient, but also more output-driven.
?By acquiring this new equipment, we are giving assurance and pledge to guarantee our clients exceptional service which is not only beneficial to us, but to the end-users as well. Based on the available opportunities in fuel transportation, TransNamib resolved to deploy an additional capacity of 364 000 liters of fuel equipment, with the intention to broadly meet customer demands and to commercially grow the business,? she said.
According to Naanda, TransNamib aims to be more competitive in its services and product offering to its customers in a safe, economical and responsible manner.