Fishing company donates to Otjikoyo Primary School

10 Mar 2014 15:20pm
OPUWO, 10 MARCH (NAMPA) – The Otjomuru Fishing Company donated uniforms and football jerseys to the Otjikoyo Primary School (PS) in the Kunene Region last week.
The fishing company is named after one of three settlements of the Ovatwe and Ovatjimba communities, which are Otjomuru, Otjikoyo and Ohaijuwa.
The N.dollars 15 000 donation was handed-over by one of the company’s directors, Kambombo Humu in Opuwo last Monday.
He said the company felt obligated to support disadvantaged communities by supporting the schools there.
“This is the second school we have donated school uniforms to in the Kunene Region,” Humu beamed.
The first donation was handed over to the Otjomuru Primary School in 2013, which included food items, school uniforms, football jerseys and soccer balls.
The Otjomuru Fishing Company was established in 2011.
Kavendjii van der Merwe, a teacher at Otjikoyo PS, received the donation and thanked the company and its management.
He said the uniforms would encourage the children of the Ovatwe and Ovatjimba communities to attend school.
“The parents of the children at the Otjikoyo Primary School are disadvantaged. They do not have jobs, property or livestock besides the goats and cattle they received from Government.
They only started to realise the importance of education after schools were brought to their areas, but they do not have the money to support their children financially or materially, such as by buying uniforms or other basics,” Van der Merwe explained.
He further stated that the school currently lacks electricity supply, which prevents the Grades 1 to 7 learners at the school from studying in the evenings.
Meanwhile, a settlement area was developed at the Otjikoyo village - some 130 kilometres north of Opuwo - by the Office of the Prime Minister under the San Special Programme some seven years ago.
Besides the school, which has 115 learners altogether, there is also a clinic.