Kunene chief turns down upgrade of borehole

20 Jun 2013 06:10
OPUWO, 20 JUN (NAMPA) ? Chief Uziruapi Tjavara of the Otjikaoko Traditional Authority is said to be refusing that a borehole be upgraded in his area for human and livestock usage, saying it should only be for wild animals.
A senior traditional councillor of the Otjiurunga Traditional Authority, Kautorona Muharukua told Nampa on Thursday that Chief Tjavara stopped officials from installing equipment such as water pipes, cylinders, an engine, reservoir and trough at a borehole at the Oruwe village, situated about 40 kilometres north-east of Opuwo.
This borehole is situated about three kilometres from the Oromuhama village - the cattle post of Chief Tjavara.
?Chief Tjavara said there was no need for the borehole to be installed for use by livestock and humans during this ongoing drought situation, because it will disturb the wildlife,? charged Muharukua.
According to Muharukua, there is a tendency of traditional chiefs resisting development in the Kunene Region, which issue needs to be addressed at different Government platforms.
Approached for comment, Kasamani Tjavara, on behalf of his father Chief Tjavara confirmed that the upgrade of the borehole was turned down because the borehole is meant for elephants and other wild animals only.
?My father is not claiming ownership of the borehole, but he is saying the borehole was drilled for the elephants some 10 years ago, and if it has to be upgraded, it should be for that purpose only,? noted the younger Tjavara.
The Chief Control Officer in the Department of Rural Water Supply in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry Kapukatua Kuvare confirmed to Nampa on Thursday that the upgrade of the borehole was stopped by Chief Tjavara, apparently because proper consultations amongst the stakeholders were needed first before the installation could commence.
?We received a letter from the Office of Kunene Governor Josua //Hoebeb to go ahead with the installation of the borehole after he had meetings with both the community and Chief Tjavara, and we are planning to send a team to go and install the borehole,? stressed Kuvare.
//Hoebeb confirmed to Nampa that he indeed gave the go-ahead for the installation of the borehole at the Oruwe village.