JJD to step down as NPL chairman

06 Mar 2014 14:00


MTC/Namibia Premier League (NPL) chairman, Johnny Johnson Doeseb (JJD) will no longer be his position when his term comes to an end this July.

JJD who has been at the helm of the NPL as chairman since 2008 has cited some of the reasons as lack of professionalism at club level to do the basics right, a lack of serious commitment from teams at BoG level in terms of building a strong football brand and the clear lack of development structures in Namibian football as the reason to step down.

“Almost all the teams sit back and all they do is wait for MTC’s monthly grants and they do absolutely nothing to generate their own revenues and when their monthly grants are a few days late they complain instead of doing something to sustain themselves,” he said.

A former club owner and as a man with a passion for football, JJD has been at the forefront of negotiating a mega deal with main sponsor MTC that saw the telecommunications company invest over N$40m for the next three years, the highest investment ever made by any corporate into sports in Namibia.

He has been praised in football circles for his desire to turn the MTC/NPL into a professional entity managed on business principles, preaching professionalism to the clubs.


“I would like to thank the few individuals within our football structures who shared the same vision and drive with me, and I would like to urge them to continue fighting the good fight. I would like to thank all football fans, supporters and the general public for the support they have granted me during my Chairmanship, and I wish the new Chairperson all the best,” said JJD.