Omaheke school to hold discipline 'indaba'

19 Jun 2013 08:10
GOBABIS, 19 JUNE (NAMPA) - The Mokganedi Thlabanelo Secondary School, which has been rocked by frequent tribal clashes and a general lack of discipline amongst its learners, has geared up efforts to restore order at the once highly-rated school.
The school administration will on Friday hold a meeting with parents in a bid to find answers to some of the perennial problems of discipline that has been plaguing the school.
Mokganedi Thlabanelo Secondary School is located at Drimiopsis, some 40 kilometres north of Gobabis in the Omaheke Region.
In a letter to parents, the school principal Uakuzako Kavari urged them to turn up for the meeting in numbers to that they can tackle the problems facing education at the school together, as parents? input is vital to the education process.
Some three months ago, a fight - believed to have been tribally motivated - broke out between Damara and Otjiherero-speaking learners, raising concerns of simmering tribal tensions between the two groups.
The fight landed two boys in hospital with slight cuts to their heads.
At least five other learners were also attended to at the Gobabis District Hospital with cuts and bruises to their bodies inflicted by knobkieries and other sharp objects.
Nampa understands that the fight - which occurred on the school hostel premises - broke out after an Otjiherero-speaking boy was apparently beaten by two Damara-speaking boys over a girl he was courting.
The girl, according to other learners at the school, was also Damara-speaking.
Parents of the boys who were admitted to hospital opened criminal cases with the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) at Gobabis, although no arrests have been made in the matter to date.
The matter is currently being handled internally by the school, and no suspensions or expulsions have yet been carried out.
The Acting Director of Education for the Omaheke Region, Pecka Semba had at the time noted that the matter was still under investigation.
?The matter is still in the hands of the school. When they finish their investigations, they will submit a report to the education regional office and only then can we pronounce ourselves on the matter,? he said.
This news agency has learnt that tribal clashes at the school are nothing new. Learners and teachers spoken to said there is a growing intolerance between learners of the two language groups, as both apparently feel more entitlement to the school than the other.
Mokganedi Thlabanelo was a beacon of hope for the Omaheke Region in terms of education standards in the years preceding Namibia?s independence and shortly after 1990.
The school ratings as an education centre of excellence have however gone down over the years, owing largely to learners? ill-discipline.