Africa on the march: Geingob

05 Mar 2014 14:50pm
TORONTO, 05 MAR (NAMPA) - Prime Minister Hage Geingob says there are no more coup d’etats in Africa as the continent is “on the march politically, socially and economically”.
“Democracy and effective governance are the order of the day,” a proud Geingob said whilst addressing thousands of investors attending the 15th Annual Africa Mining Conference in Toronto, Canada.
“We elect our leaders through democratic processes. Our former presidents are now resting and living in their own countries and contributing to the economic and social development of societies, unlike years ago when former presidents were either living in exile or jailed,” he stated.
A new era characterised by democratic elections and sound electoral systems and processes are thus flourishing on the continent.
According to Forbes Magazine, Africa has witnessed an acceleration in economic growth since the year 2000.
Africa is the third-fastest growing region in the world, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts that African economies will expand by six per cent in 2014, compared to five per cent in 2013.
Geingob further indicated that although Africa is on the move, the continent is looking to widen its sources of economic activity.
He said the current growth is not enough, and natural resources’ wealth must be translated into jobs through win-win partnerships with investors.
“Maintaining growth will depend on scaling-up investments in infrastructure and diversifying the economic base,” he noted, adding that the agricultural, mining and energy sectors will play a large role in human development in Africa.
The Namibian business delegation, led by Geingob, arrived in Toronto on Saturday afternoon for an official visit to that country.
The business delegation held several business meetings and visited a number of business entities in Canada.
They attended the official opening of the Canada Mining Conference and Expo on Tuesday before leaving for the United States of America in the afternoon.