Water disconnected at Rundu

19 Jun 2013 05:50
RUNDU, 19 JUN (NAMPA) ? Some residents of Rundu are without water after NamWater stopped the supply on Wednesday in order to upgrade its pump station.
The disconnection of the water supply is affecting residents of the town?s Tutungeni residential area, the industrial area, as well as the Sauyemwa and Kasote informal settlements.
The Rundu Town Council?s Public Relations Officer Benjamin Makayi told Nampa on enquiry that the disconnection of the water supply is for two days only ? Wednesday and Thursday - but depends on whether NamWater finishes its upgrading work as scheduled.
The pump station to be upgraded is situated on the banks of the Okavango River.
Makayi said residents were advised in advance to prepare for this eventuality by making arrangements to keep some water in containers for household usage and other purposes.
The town council?s spokesperson could not say whether the council will, as an interim measure, provide residents with water from its water tankers.
Residents have in the past fetched water from the Okavango River for use at home or work, despite the fact that that water is not purified.