No reason yet to celebrate inflows into dams

04 Mar 2014 10:40am
WINDHOEK, 04 MARCH (NAMPA) - Good rains may have fallen in most parts of the country over the past few weeks, but Namibians are still urged to use water sparingly because many dams still have less water than they carried at the same time last year.
Namwater's Public Relations Officer, Tommi-Riva Numbala told Nampa in an interview on Tuesday that although some dams received a significant inflow, people must still use water sparingly.
“We always should be cautious with the weather, as it is not in our hands. I still request the public to use water sparingly, if possible,” he noted.
The Swakoppoort Dam close to Okahandja received a reasonable influx and is currently at 55.7 per cent full, against 67.7 per cent during the same time last year.
The S. Von Bach Dam stands at 51.9 per cent against 79.9 per cent at this time last year.
The Omatako Dam is the only dam which received a significant inflow against that of last year.
By Monday morning, the dam was 17.1 per cent full, compared to only 8.0 per cent this time last year.
The Otjivero Main Dam currently stands at 60.4 per cent, which is well below last year’s level of 71 per cent.
The Hardap Dam in the southern parts of Namibia is currently at 42.3 per cent full against the 2013 level of 47.2 per cent; the Naute Dam stands at 56.2 per cent (63.1 per cent in 2013); and the Oanob Dam is at 53.5 per cent (62.3 per cent in 2013).
The average level for all major dams in Namibia is currently 41.3 per cent, just lower than the 48.2 per cent average measured this time last year.
According to Namwater, the Omaruru Delta Dam and the Omatjene Dams are still empty, with no records of any water flowing into the reservoirs.