Kunene governor speaks out against gender-based violence

03 Mar 2014 08:50am
OPUWO, 03 MAR (NAMPA) - Kunene Regional Governor Joshua //Hoebeb has spoken out against the increasing cases of gender-based violence, saying men who subject women to violence do not deserve to be called men.
The governor said this at the official handing-over of goats to beneficiaries of the Community-Based Rangeland Livestock Management (CBRLM) project on Wednesday at the Otjisoko-tjongava village, about 10 kilometres north of Opuwo.
//Hoebeb went on to say that people who have done something bad are comparable to dogs.
“Now if the male dog which is regarded as so worthless does not bite or attack a female dog at all under any circumstances, how much more worthless than a dog can we say a man is who acts violently against women?” he wanted to know.
He then called on all inhabitants of the Kunene Region to join in prayers against violence against women in Namibia this week.
A call has been made for prayers to go out countrywide this Thursday against the escalating incidences of violence perpetrated against women by men.