The Hitman retains WBO title

02 Mar 2014 17:20pm
OUTAPI, 02 MAR (NAMPA) – Paulus ‘The Hitman’ Moses successfully defended his World Boxing Organisation (WBO) International Lightweight Title by defeating his challenger from Argentina, Cristian Rafael Coria, in a 12-round fight on Saturday.
The two boxers exchanged blows during a well-attended boxing bonanza held at Outapi’s Olufuko Festival Centre in the Omusati Region on Saturday night.
Moses overpowered Coria in the last three rounds after the Argentinian started the fight on a positive note.
The win means Moses’s record now stands at 31 fights - 29 wins and two losses, while Coria now has a record of 23 fights, recording 20 wins, two losses and one draw.
Besides the main fight, there were seven supporting bouts where other Namibian boxers such as Kapena Hamunyela, Emmanuel Mungandjela, Manfred Haimbanga, Jeremia Nakathila, Abner Mwafangeyo, Johannes Simon, Japhet Utoni, Sakaria Lukas, Julius Indongo and Martin Haikali were in action.
Lukusa Kashindi, Ilunga Kabwe, Joel Mwelwa and Tekesha Kabwe were the four boxers from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) who also participated in the Outapi Boxing Bonanza.
All the DRC boxers suffered defeat, while the likes of Kashindi, Mwelwa and Tekesha Kabwe were defeated on technical knockouts.
Moses thanked the fans, who occupied the 3 500-seat venue beyond its capacity, for showing up in their thousands for the boxing show.
Jaap van Niewenhuisen from neighbouring South Africa was the referee in the Moses/Coria bout, while Neville Hotz (South Africa), Ricky Tshabalala (Namibia) and John Kaimbi (Namibia) were the judges.