NHE 'waiting list' applicants favoured for mass housing

02 Mar 2014 12:30pm
GOBABIS, 02 MAR (NAMPA) – People living in the Omaheke Region who are not on the National Housing Enterprise (NHE) waiting list for the allocation of houses, might not benefit from Government’s Mass Housing Project during the initial stages of the project.
This was revealed by Immanuel Haikali, a representative of NHE, who was in Gobabis last Tuesday to explain matters concerning the Mass Housing Project to residents here.
NHE, as the custodian of the Mass Housing Project, will be responsible for its coordination and implementation.
Since the NHE has a backlog of applications for houses - some dating back as far as 14 years ago - priority for houses through the Mass Housing Project will be given to those applicants, residents were informed.
Other residents are encouraged to hand in their applications for the houses, although the allocation will be on a first-come-first-served basis for qualifying residents.
“We will go according to our databases of applications received from those seeking houses here in Gobabis. Others can be accommodated too, but we have to go according to the list we have compiled,” said Haikali.
Although the Municipality of Gobabis has set aside land for the construction of close to 400 housing units at the town under the Mass Housing Project, such land has not been serviced due to funds shortages.
The bulk of these houses - 250 housing units - will be low-cost units to be constructed in Epako, while other houses will be constructed in more affluent suburbs of the town to cater for the middle to high income groups.
As such, only residents of the Ongulubashe informal settlement on the outskirts of the town will be considered during the first phase of the project. Other residents will only be considered after the land has been fully serviced.
Ongulubashe is a relatively new informal settlement formed after the demolition of the pre-colonial single quarters compound hostel at Gobabis last year.
The Mass Housing Project aims to build 185 000 houses by 2030, at a cost of N.dollars 45 billion.
Government has already allocated N.dollars 1,9 billion to the Ministry of Regional and Local Government during the current financial year to implement the Mass Housing Project. It plans to build about 9 000 houses at a cost of N.dollars 2,7 billion in the next 15 months.