BBA Update: Elikem the Player

June 17, 2013, 6:03 am

Saturday (day 20) the day 2 couples get to spend quality time in the rendezvous room, housemates are happy and at ease on Saturdays because of the party that happens in the evenings. The day began with a promise from Elikem to Selly, after sharing his bed with Fatima, Elikem asked Selly to trust him and that he will never betray her. According to my observation, Elikem has developed feelings for Selly, Fatima and Pokello. I am not sure what he is up too but this man is not only playing the game but the girls and unfortunately for the girls they have all fallen for him. And I am sure that Selly has picked up on Pokello’s and Elikem’s vibe. Fatima on the other hand is keeping her cool. There is no bad blood with the other two but Fatima is definitely getting the attentions she wants from Elikem. It is starting to feel like the Bachelor (reality show) were Fatima, Pokello and Selly are trying to win him over because none of these girls are giving up on Elikem.  This guy has good juggling skills I must admit.

 In the rendezvous room Biguessas chose his friend Natasha, they had a good conversation over champaign and had a dance and the second couple was Hakeem and Cleo , these two have very strong feelings for each other, real feels and when Hakeem asked Cleo what is more important to her between the Big Brother game and him, she explained that she doesn’t want to put their relationship in jeopardy because she does want to play the game and that for now she needs time but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t care for him and stressed the fact that they have all the time after the Big Brother to get their relationship going. I am puzzled does this mean they are together or not???

The party started off quiet with a few housemates in the party room, to my surprise the houses were united once again to not compete but to party together. They were so happy to see each other, most especially the swapped housemates. Dillish and Maria danced and shake their booty so hard it got Sulu’s attention. Biguessas was looking hot in a white track suit and for the first time he looked like he is having fun. Besides all the happy that went down. There was tension between Fatima and Pokello thanks to Elikem. Elikem has become the ladies man in the house of late, from sharing a bed with 2 ladies to causing drama amongst the women in the house. At the party Selly looked very comfortable in Elikems arms and as I have observed she too has a crush on Elikem. What is this man doing to these women?   I was worried that there is something wrong with Betty, she sat observing the others all night could it be that Betty operates well with alcohol or did her prince charming Bolt have something to do with Betty’s withdrawal from the party.  The party lasted an hour and it was finally time for the housemates to go back to their respective homes. The Ruby house was escorted out of the party room first with Sulu screaming on top of his voice “Dillish come with me to the RUUUBBBYYY”

As the Ruby housemates settled in Natasha complained about the music the dj was playing, she said the dj played songs for him and that is why she did not dance much and it’s a shame she felt like that because Natasha was dressed to impress tonight and she was also disappointed with the fact that there was no alcohol. Selly also couldn’t stop expressing how her passionate hate for the dj and choice of music. The Diamond house entered their home with Melvin and Bolt in an argument over how Melvin thinks he can talk shit to people. I am thinking Melvin said something to offend Bolt and Dillish was practicing her psychology skill by trying to calm Bolt down and eventually he did.