Katire family calls on racists to repent

17 Jun 2013 04:20
OPUWO, 17 JUN (NAMPA) - The family of Levi Katire, who was attacked earlier this month on alleged racial grounds, called on white Namibians to refrain from racism as it may undermine the policy of national reconciliation.
Levi?s father Michael Katire told Nampa here on Saturday that he and his entire family and friends totally condemned that alleged brutal act.
He thanked the Government of Namibia, the Governor of the Omaheke Region Festus Ueitele and Gobabis mayor Sila Bezuidenhoudt for closing down Buffalo?s Bar, where the assault took place on 01 June this year.
He added that there is no place for racism in an independent Namibia, and in the town of Gobabis in particular after 23 years of independence from colonial forces.
?These acts of racial hatred and brutality need to be condemned totally, as it is unacceptable within the policy of national reconciliation,? noted the senior Katire.
He said Namibians lost their lives during the struggle for the independence of this county for all to stay peacefully and in harmony, irrespective of their colour, race, tribe and religion.
According to Katire, the emphasis placed on the policy of national reconciliation by Founding Father of the Nation, Dr Sam Nujoma is aimed at healing the wounds of the past, and to avoid unnecessary acts caused by revenge.
He further stated that he has white Namibian friends in Gobabis and other places, and that it was time for those peace-loving members of the white community to stand up and talk against these kinds of practices in their communities.
?I do not want our innocent, young generation to grow up and be influenced by these colonial mentalities as they were not part of the colonial era. I am calling on those perpetrators of racism and those who have such mentalities to repent,? he stressed.
The entire Katire family then thanked all Namibians who have been in the forefront of fighting for justice and against barbaric attacks fuelled by racism.
Katire said he also trusts the Namibian justice system to give the two individuals charged in the matter - Nico Kotze and Frederick du Plessis - jail sentences which would give a clear message to the nation that racism is not welcome in Namibia, if they are convicted.