SPYL has five days to get its act right: Mbumba

17 Jun 2013 03:36

The ruling party’s Swapo’s central head, Nangolo Mbumba ordered the Swapo Youth League to issue a public statement to clarify their position in regard to recent ‘instances of vilification, personal attacks and other forms of unbecoming behavior’ being displayed by some members of the party.
He has given them five days to sort out their internal squabbles and come clean on their position in regard to issues of slamming individuals and portraying a bad image overall for the party.
Mbumba spoke at a media conference on Saturday, an event which he called after being preceded by the Swapo Party Central Committee members who met on Friday.
When contacted yesterday, Veikko Nekundi, the party’s deputy secretary was quick to mention that the ‘order will be carried out.’
“It must be adhered to by everybody of the party. No compromise. We are aware that such a decision was taken and we will carry it out forthwith,” he said.
Mbumba, clearly agitated by the recent outbursts of the youthful leaders, who started the furore with a petition that the SPYL be dissolved he said: “Some members of the National Executive Committee of the SWAPO Party Youth League were identified as the main culprits.
He was clearly not impressed with the conduct of some of the youth leaders who are notorious for resorting to the media to settle scores with individuals they do not approve, with the latest letter by the SPYL’s Secretary for Economics, Imms Nashinge a case in point.
He launched a tirade on individuals who are associated with Prime Minister Hage Geingob and has even gone to the extend of hitting on the persona of the PM.
Nashinge says he has no comment on the instruction issued by the senior party members.
“I am not going to say anything right now. Speak to my other senior leaders”  he said.
“The Central Committee called on all members of the Party to promote unity and to uphold the highest degree of discipline at all time,” Mbumba announced.
Initially, the youth leaders have been given until Friday this week to come out publicly and state their position on the many issues they raised that caused a lot of uneasiness within the party ranks, while they have also made  themselves a laughing stock with their often-ill-timed and not calculated remarks.
Besides, that, Mbumba also condemned what he terms the “manifestation of racism in Namibia,” with particular reference to the incidence that happened recently in Gobabis.  
A Gobabis man made headlines in recent weeks after he was beaten and landed in hospital at a bar, that apparently only permits Afrikaans speaking white people at the small eastern town.
On that score, Mbumba says the Central Committee noted with satisfaction the measures taken by the law enforcement agency and called on the public to remain calm and allow law to take its course.
Mbumba said Government has re-affirmed its position that it is committed to the welfare of all youth of Namibia, when he specifically touched on the issue of the children of the liberation struggle.
“The Meeting further endorsed the position that the demonstrating Children of the Liberation Struggle should go back to their homes, while their plight is receiving attention by the Government,”he says.