Oshakati woman dies after giving birth

16 Jun 2013 08:30
OSHAKATI, 16 JUN (NAMPA) - A group of businesspeople, relatives and friends of Ronnie Benjamin on Saturday donated baby items towards his baby?s care and upbringing.
Baby Ronyenga?s mother died after her delivery in the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital on 04 May this year.
Hilya Wanyenga-Benjamin was immediately taken to the intensive care unit (ICU) of that hospital after the operation to deliver Baby Ronyenga, but died there on 22 May.
Baby Ronyenga remains in the hands of the nursing staff until further notice.
A popular business personality, Sigo Amunyela of the Sande Bar at Omaalala village of the Ongwediva Constituency in the Oshana Region, initiated the donation of the baby items.
?We donate these items in support to Ronyenga, and to show solidarity and trying to comfort our colleague Ronny Benjamin who lost his lovely wife after giving birth to this baby last month,? Amunyela uttered while handing over the donated baby goods on behalf of other business personalities.
At the same time, a relative took the baby out of the said ward for the first time as per their traditional values and customs.
Amunyela told those in attendance that a bank account has also been opened with one of the local commercial banks, where further financial support for baby Ronyenga could be channeled to.
The father of baby received the donation, saying it addresses some of the high costs he incurred during the death and funeral of his wife.
?It is a painful experience I went through. My wife died without seeing our baby,? Benjamin told Nampa in an exclusive conversation after the donation, adding that his wife was in good health during the entire pregnancy.