Oshakati Police raid homestead for stolen goods

16 Jun 2013 06:10
OSHAKATI, 16 JUN (NAMPA) ? Police at Oshakati in the Oshana Region on Saturday afternoon raided a homestead at Okakukiipupu on the outskirts of the town, and recovered building materials allegedly stolen from the Chicco Building Materials' Supply company here.
The homestead belonged to prominent Oshakati businessman, Kasimia Eelu, who passed away several years ago.
The items include 21 bags of cement and 27 zinc roof sheets.
Two fake invoices used to dubiously acquire the items from the Chicco Building Materials' Supply outlet in Oshakati indicate that the goods were acquired on 06 and 08 June this year and cost about N.dollars 5 000.
Police officers arrested two young women who reside at the said homestead in connection with the theft of the items.
Chief Inspector Karl Theron of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) at Oshakati told Nampa during the raid that the two young women are employees at a printing business at Oshakati.
It is believed the two printed the invoices, which are similar to that of the Chicco Building Materials Supply, at their printing company.
?Although the invoices look similar to that of ours, they differ in size and quality,? the owner of Chicco Building Materials' Supply, Erastus Shapumba told Nampa at the scene of the raid.
The spokesperson of Chicco Building Materials' Supply, Epafras Mukwiilongo told this news agency that effective book reconciliation and/or administrative measures detected the theft towards the end of last week, and the police was informed on Saturday.
?We decided not to rest before the culprits were arrested, hence we embarked upon our own investigations before that of the police,? Mukwiilongo said, adding that their own investigations tracked one of the suspects through a mobile phone number written on one of the two invoices.
The police found some of the roof sheets already placed on top of a building under construction at the said homestead.
This was the second successful operation by the Oshana Police within two days, following the first one conducted at Ondangwa, where NamPol detectives found various goods stolen from the town?s Jet Store at several houses in and around the town on Friday.
Four cashiers and two security guards of the Ondangwa Jet Store, as well as a member of the public, were arrested in connection with that theft.
The police could not disclose the names of the suspects in both cases, as they are yet to appear in court on Monday.