Maszanga debut to explode

November 26, 2012, 8:56 am

After a successful hit single that was probably just meant to test the waters, the ‘Nale’ hit-makers, Maszanga, have finally kept their promise of a debut album called ‘Tjaai’.
The trio consists of Hasho, Key and Pedro. Their new sounds are locked in a 14-track album that features local sensations like Neslow, Hishishi Papa and Tequila amongst others, with two bonus tracks. The bonuses are the remix of track seven ‘Nale’ and ‘Maszanga Nakale’.
Track one, ‘Mbiryanga’ featuring Upambians, is an old-school ‘kiddie’ song they have turned into and new-school. Big-up to Araphat for the magic on the beats, the background drums and the ululations that all give the song that traditional feel.
My personal favourite has got to be track two, ‘Ti Mama’, featuring Adora. You haven’t listened to a local club hit yet till you listen to this song.
It is also derived from an old song that used to be sung by little children back in the days.
Track four, ‘Epulo’ - Oshiwambo for “question” - is an emotional piece that talks about rape and child abuse. In the song, we hear the voices of a little girl screaming and a man ordering her to take off her clothes, then another scream follows. The song is relatable given the prevailing issues surrounding gender-based violence and other kinds of abuse of the minority.
‘African Queen’, track six, is a reggae song that talks about the qualities of a true African queen. An epic dance-hall rhythm with a reggae lyrical flow. Awesome!
The song that older listeners would be able to relate to is track 10. It features the ever talented Hishishi Papa on ‘Nda Pwakela’, which is a traditional song that talks about Namibia and its cultural diversities. It’s your regular wedding or family-gathering number, though.
The track that would be on repeat for every kwasa lover, on the other hand, is number 11, ‘Selima Wange’ featuring the local kwasa group, 4x4. Another job well-done by Araphat.  
The most listened to song in the entire album, in my opinion, will be the oh-so-exciting ‘Nale’ remix featuring artists like The Dogg, Mushe, Kuku Niihana, Sunny Boy, Exit and others.
From where we stand, Namibia is ready for this group’s next album, judging from the success this one is expected to achieve.