Strip detainees killed: NamRights

27 Feb 2014 15:00


NamRights hereby reveals that, further to its Breaking News Release issued on February 17 2014, it has now been established that 11 alleged “Angolans” who were detained in connection with an atrocious State of Emergency declared in the Caprivi Strip in August 1999 have been summarily executed. The victims have been identified as:


Name                                                                                                                                             Date of Arrest

1.                 CREMANTINO, Leonardo Chicorocoro (Capt.)                          August 2 1999

2.                 DIAZ, Dino                                                                                            August 4 1999

3.                 JAMBA, Komuntu Joao (Capt.)                                                      August 2 1999

4.                 KAKUNDA, Dionisio Kakelo (Lt-Col)                                             August 2 1999

5.                 KAPOYA, Alberto                                                                               August 9 1999

6.                 KASANGA, Paulo                                                                               August 4 1999

7.                 KOSENGE, Leonardo                                                                         August 9 1999

8.                 MANUEL, Mariano                                                                              August 9 1999

9.                 MARCELLO, Ventura Tavalish                                                        August 2 1999

10.              RAYMUNDO, Best                                                                               August 5 1999

      11.               WABEMBE, Januario                                                                         August 2 1999


Vigorous verification of both NamRigts’ and Government of Namibia (GoN)’s lists of persons detained in connection with the alleged Caprivi secessionist plot show that, although their names have been published in terms of Government Gazette no. 2167 and Government Notice No.172 under "Names of Persons Detained", they do not feature anywhere else including on GoN’s subsequent lists of those alleged Caprivi secessionists charged with high treason between 1999 and 2009. Nor do their names appear on any of the GoN lists containing the names of those Caprivi detainees who had been arrested but have since been released. 


The names of the above-mentioned alleged massacre victims appear on NamRights' Master List of Caprivi detainees arrested in accordance with the said State of Emergency. Former Namibian President Sam Nujoma declared that State of Emergency on August 2 1999. Their disappearance took place soon after Namibian security forces arrested them in accordance with the draconian Emergency Regulations Proclamation 1999 (No.24 of 1999) of August 3 1999. The implementation of the said regulations was extremely vindictive and repugnant to all the human rights provisions consecrated in the Namibian Constitution and international human rights norms and standards applicable in Namibia.


“A reliable conscientious member of Namibian security forces that were charged with the implementation of the murderous emergency measures who chose to remain anonymous, has now informed us that the said detainees were first demonized as ‘UNITA bandits’ before they were mercilessly gunned down. The massacre allegedly occurred soon after they had been arrested,” said Phil ya Nangoloh, NamRights Executive Director, this morning.


The fact that the names of the alleged victims do not feature on any such subsequent GoN lists speaks volumes and strongly suggests that their fate or whereabouts are, indeed, unknown. This state of affairs creates reasonable suspicion that the missing detainees might, indeed, have been massacred under the cover of the State of Emergency Proclamation 1999 (No. 23 of 1999) of August 2 1999.


“They will therefore be listed as victims of enforced disappearances until GoN clarifies their fate or whereabouts. Moreover, their names will be transmitted to the Geneva-based UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearance (WGEID) for appropriate action,” ya Nangoloh concluded.