Okakondo principal rubishes parents' accusations

27 Feb 2014 13:30pm
OSHIYASHEMANYA, 27 FEB (NAMPA) - Okakondo Primary School (PS) principal Johnny Namupala has rubbished allegations that he is mismanaging the school and sexually harassing young female teachers.
These allegations were made by a group of parents who staged a protest at the school on Tuesday and Wednesday, demanding Namupala’s dismissal.
Apart from the protest, the parents also blocked the entrance to the school premises and ordered learners to go back home on Tuesday morning.
“Children will not come back to school before the principal’s removal. We are fed-up with his arrogance towards the school board and his attitude of hiring and firing teachers as he wishes,” the group of parents told Nampa on Wednesday.
They claim female teachers continue leaving the school, because Namupala continues to harass them.
They referred to an English teacher, who was transferred to the Zambezi Region from Okakondo PS recently, as Namupala’s latest victim.
Approached for comment on Wednesday, Namupala expressed disappointment with the parents’ behaviour.
“I am now fed-up that these people are falsely accusing me and continuing to tarnish my image for no apparent reason. I will take action if they continue,” he told Nampa.
Namupala said the sexual harassment accusations are mere fabrications, as the teachers who left the school did so on their own.
“Let them come forth with evidence,” he demanded.
The female teacher, whom parents referred to as Namupala’s latest victim, also dismissed the parents’ allegations.
“I was there for four years and left just because I wanted to come back home and work near my family. It was not because of harassment or threats that I was transferred,” said the teacher who preferred to remain unnamed.
She also expressed disappointment that the parents are using her to protest against Namupala without her consent.
“I am appealing to them (parents) to refrain from using my name. It is a sensitive issue and, therefore, I don’t want to be involved,” she said via telephone from the Zambezi Region.
The parents are adamant that children will not go back to school before their demands are met.
The Okakondo PS is a rural school in the Oshikoto Region, established in 1992. It has a population of close to 300 learners in Grades One to Seven, and about 10 teachers.