Most dams still empty

25 Feb 2014 19:00pm
WINDHOEK, 25 FEB (NAMPA) - Good rains fell in many parts of the country over the last few days, but some dams are still empty such as the Omaruru Delta Dam in the Erongo Region and the Omatjene Dam in the Otjozondjupa Region.
The water levels of both dams are zero, according to the latest weekly dam bulletin issued by NamWater on Monday.
Both the Dreihuk (0.8 per cent) and Bondels (3.1 per cent) dams, located in the Karasburg area in the Karas Region are empty, compared to last season.
The Omatako Dam in the Otjozondjupa Region is 5,3 per cent full, while the Olushandja Dam (Omusati Region) is 2,2 per cent full.
The Otjivero Silt Dam in the Omaheke Region, which is only 28,5 per cent full to capacity and the Hardap Dam (Hardap Region) with 37,6 per cent, are both much lower than last season.
The Swakoppoort Dam (Otjozondjupa) is 45,2 per cent full, while the Von Bach Dam (Otjozondjupa) is 47,3 per cent full.
Dams which are now more than half-full include the Oanob Dam (Hardap), which is 51,2 per cent, and the Naute Dam (Karas), which is 54,4 per cent full.
The Otjivero main dam (Khomas) is 55,3 per cent full to capacity, while the Tilda Viljoen Dam (Omaheke) is 58,7 per cent full.
The Daan Viljoen Dam (Khomas) is 65,7 per cent full, while the Goreangab Dam is 100 per cent full.
Meanwhile, the daily flood bulletin issued by the Hydrological Services of Namibia on Monday indicated that the water levels of the Zambezi River at the Katima Mulilo site is 3,61 metres (m), compared to 6,35m last year.
The Chobe River (Zambezi Region) is only 0,53m full, compared to 3,35m last year.
The water levels of the Kwando River (Zambezi Region) are 2,91m, compared to 2,90m the previous year.
The water levels of the Kavango River (in the Zambezi Region) at the Rundu site is 5,05m compared to 5,87m last year. The water levels at the Mukwe site of the river is 3,13m compared to 3,12m a year ago.
The river flow reading of the Kuiseb River (from Khomas to Erongo Region) at the Schlesien site is zero, while the Gaub River (from Khomas to Erongo) at the Greylinghof site is 0.16m.
The Orange River (Karas Region) recorded water levels of 0,70m compared to 0,94m a year ago. The Kunene River (Zambezi Region) at the Ruacana site is 2,16m compared to 2,48m a year ago.