The controversial swap once again

June 15, 2013, 5:07 am

The controversial swap once again

It has become a norm in the Big Brother Africa House that every Friday a swap is done. Day 19 another one of those Fridays when all the housemates meet up at the arena and compete against each other. Some housemates look forward to meeting their swapped housemates, for others the fear of being swapped sets in and for the HoH they either pray or hope that they get to make or not make the swapping decision. It becomes an emotional swirl and one can not exactly point out the feelings going around. The swap makes things a bit confusing, most of the viewers probably lost track of who is in which house, but do not Despair Missy has your back, I will set things straight.

Before the Airtel showdowns Big brother introduced the new rule which is called the “sit out rule”. The evictions make the numbers in each house uneven because the evicted housemates are chosen by the votes and not from which Big Brother house they come from for e.g. Lk4 and Koketso were in the same house and unfortunately got evicted. Eviction is determined by the votes. This new rule helps the airtel arena showdown be fair. When houses compete against each other it’s only fair the number of housemates participating from each house is equal. This new rule allows the HoH choose who to sit out for the arena games and currently the Diamond house has 13 housemates and Ruby 11 and head of house Melvin chose Nando and Annabel to sit out on the Airtel arena showdown.

The Ruby house won and once again Selly had to swap two of her fellow housemates for two of the Diamond housemates and Selly being the unpredictable person she is, she got everyone worked up with her decision.  Selly brought Feza and Fatima from Diamond house into the Ruby house and chose Maria and Neyll to go into the Diamond the house. The housemates were upset with Selly’s decision and didn’t understand why Selly couldn’t send Maria and Cleo, most especially Cleo so she could be with Hakeem. Feza was in tears devastated by Sellys choice whilst Fatima asked the remaining diamond housemates to try and get her back when they can.  I was hoping Maria and Dillish would unite and see if they bring the best or the worst of each other and now I can finally observe the two together. Now that Maria and Dillish are in the same house. It makes it a little bit hard to say which housemate is in which house. And this is why I want to share the list of the housemates and how they are divided into two.

The Diamond house

Annabel , Beverly, Biguessas, Dillish, Melvin, Neyll, Motamma, Bolt, Betty, Bimp, Nando, Hakeem and Maria.

The Ruby House

Bassey, Angelo, Oneal, Feza, Elikem, Selly, Cleo, Natasha, Sulu, Fatima and Pokello