Strike looming at Air Namibia

25 Feb 2014 13:30pm
WINDHOEK, 25 FEB (NAMPA) - Air Namibia workers are casting ballots to determine whether they should go on strike, the Namibia Transport and Allied Workers’ Union (Natau) has announced.
At a media briefing on Monday, Natau Deputy General Secretary Likius Vilho said the union gave Air Namibia management ample time to reconsider salary and substantive negotiations, but to no avail.
“Natau hereby demands that Air Namibia’s management reconsiders its position. It is evident that the company does not consider the matter a serious one.
'Hence, our members are forced to take drastic action in an attempt for their pleas and demands to be heard by Air Namibia management,” he stated.
According to Vilho, the union gave management a chance to reconsider their position of an increase of 6.4 per cent total-costs-to-company (TCTC) imposed on union members and the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare in March 2013.
However, the parties reached a deadlock on 18 November 2013, and received a certificate of unresolved dispute from the Office of the Labour Commissioner after they had failed to reach consensus.
Natau proposed a seven per cent, as well as a nine per cent, salary increment to Air Namibia management to be implemented as from 01 April 2014.
The parties held their last meeting on 13 February 2014, whereby management made a request to Natau to forgo the 2013 negotiations and consider 2014 salary negotiations.
Workers at Air Namibia started casting ballots last Friday and the process will end this Friday. Natau will then give 48-hours notice to inform management about when the strike will take place, according to Vilho.
“The offer was totally rejected by our members and as a result the workers are now going ahead with ballots to determine the next actions to be taken. Obviously, the workers will vote in favour of the strike as stated in the required procedures,” he added.