Hardap teachers and principals blamed for failure rates

14 Jun 2013 06:20
MARIENTAL, 14 JUN (NAMPA) - Deputy Education Minister Silvia Gonaone Makgone says learners in the Hardap Region fail because teachers and principals allegedly do not give them sufficient guidance, and the quality of teaching here is also unsatisfactory.
She said this during an interview with Nampa at Mariental on Thursday, where she held consultative meetings with education stakeholders in this region.
Due to the poor Grades 10 and 12 results for 2012, Hardap dropped one place to number 13 on the national rankings, making it the worst-performing region in the country.
The minister stated that the region?s poor performance is due to the fact that the teaching and learning methods used in the classrooms are not effective, and principals do not give their schools proper guidance.
Makgone and Education Minister David Namwandi earlier visited the region during March this year.
She said during that visit, they observed how teaching and learning was being carried out, amongst other issues.
The information they collected during the visit was analysed, and they came to the conclusion that teachers ?do not give serious lessons?, which contributes to the high failure rates.
?We found out that the summaries the learners have are not up-to-date; they are not given enough exercises; and primary education learners do not know how to read because they are not taught.
We also found out that leadership is another contributing factor, as the principals do not give guidance to schools,? the deputy minister charged.
She further stated that it seems that the teachers do not realise they needed to teach children how to read and write from the lower grades so that they are able to do their own reading in higher grades.
Makgone thus urged all education stakeholders to pull up their socks, and to deliver quality education.
The Hardap Region has all the materials and facilities required to perform well such as books, chairs, classrooms and computers, so there should be no excuse for them to let children fail, she added.
?I spoke to them today, and I made it clear that we want to see change. This requires the involvement of parents, teachers and the community,? she said.