Oshana Police meet Chinese business owners

13 Jun 2013 12:40
OSHAKATI, 13 JUN (NAMPA) - Commander of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Oshana Region, Commissioner Ndahangwapo Kashihakumwa convened a meeting with Chinese businesspeople here on Thursday.
A large number of Chinese shop owners attended the meeting aimed at discussing the issue of several Chinese shops found selling fake products in the Oshana Region.
The NamPol operation called ?Etosha? confiscated huge consignments of fake goods, including baby nappies and clothes, on Thursday and Friday last week.
According to Kashihakumwa, the confiscated goods are worth more than N.dollars 12.9 million, and were found in about 38 Chinese-owned shops at Oshakati, Oshikuku and Ondangwa.
?We are not targeting the Chinese (people) per say, but because of reports the police received from the public that some of your shops are selling fake items to the customers,? Kashihakumwa told the Chinese shop owners during the meeting.
He also said some Chinese business owners are making policing work in the region difficult because they call the police when criminals steal from them but they don?t want to lay charges against the culprits.
Kashihakumwa stated that it happened at the Etango Shopping Centre in Oshakati on 03 June this year when two criminals broke into a Chinese shop and assaulted the shopkeepers with the intention to rob.
The police was called in and arrested the criminals, but the shop owner, however, refused to open a case against the arrested two criminals.
According to him, ?China no time? is what the Chinese shop owner answered the police officers when asked to open a case against the arrested suspects.
?You should know that if China no time, then no case, and no arrest,? Kashihakumwa told the Chinese business personalities, adding that this will also encourage criminals to continue robbing them, knowing that no case will be opened against them and they will not be prosecuted.
The Oshana regional NamPol commander then urged the Chinese shop owners to adopt a culture of opening criminal cases when crimes are committed against them.
?This is how crime can be combated for you to able to do business uninterrupted,? Kashihakumwa said.
The meeting was also attended by the chairperson of the Northern Branch of the Namibia Chamber of Commerce Industry (NCCI) Tomas Iindji, NamPol commercial crime detectives and customs? officials.