Queen yaNelumbu urges her headmen to respect the authority

24 Feb 2014 11:50am
ONANDOVA, 24 FEB (NAMPA) – Queen Martha Mwadinomho waKristian yaNelumbu of OuKwanyama has called on village headmen under her leadership to refrain from disrespecting the authority of their senior headmen.
YaNelumbu said this in a statement read on her behalf by Chairperson of the OuKwanyama Traditional Authority, Senior Headman George Nelulu during the 60th birthday anniversary of Senior Headman Elias Waandja of the OuKwanyama’s Onandova district on Saturday.
YaNelumbu, who was also at the celebration at Waandja’s homestead, warned the village headmen, who are disrespecting their senior headmen, that they are making themselves guilty of insubordination and violation of the legal procedures of the traditional authorities.
Onandova is one of the districts in OuKwanyama where some headmen have displayed negative attitudes towards their senior headman.
The Onandova district has 33 headmen.
Certain headmen in Onandova district went to the extent of refusing to accept drought-relief food donated by the OuKwanyama Traditional Authority for people going hungry in their respective villages last year.
Wilbard Kapula of the Ondungulu village, Dave Kasheshe of the Onamahoka village and Andreas Shapu of the Onheleiwa village are the three Onandova district headmen who are accused of not attending district meetings called by Waandja, and refuse to accept relief food from him.
Kapula told Nampa last year that Waandja is just a village headman like him.
Waandja was appointed by yaNelumbu as the senior headman of the Onandova district in 2009.
A headmen who fails to attend three to four consecutive district meetings without valid excuses can lose his/her position as head of a village, as per the traditional authority laws.