CoW must stop demolishing shacks: Manwu

23 Feb 2014 10:40am
WINDHOEK, 22 FEB (NAMPA) – The Metal and Allied Namibian Workers’ Union (Manwu) has urged the City of Windhoek to stop demolishing people's houses, as this practice could soon bring disruption within the city.
The union’s caution follows an incident on Friday when a clash broke out between members of the Samora Machel Constituency and City Police and Namibian Police Force officers when the City was busy removing an illegal structure in an informal settlement there.
Manwu General Secretary Justina Jonas said in a media statement issued here on Saturday that Namibia was liberated to ensure that every Namibian has a place to stay - a roof over their heads.
She claimed that the City of Windhoek is supposed to deliver services to the majority of the people, but instead prioritises the rich suburbs while the majority of Namibians live in shacks exposed to harsh conditions and weather.
“Demolishing someone's house who struggled to buy those meagre building materials to house his/her family is inhumane,” she said.
The unionist said these so called illegal shacks are a result of low wages, sale of municipal land to private developers, and over valuation of the housing market in Namibia.
She strongly warned that Manwu will no longer sit and watch these acts being perpetrated against its members and the people of this country.
Jonas said Manwu represents the majority of low-income earners, and the majority of people living in that informal settlement in the Goreangab Dam area are members of that union.
“People are sick and tired of waiting for the municipality to deliver services to them. People want houses, water electricity, proper roads and nothing more,” stressed Jonas.
She then urged the City of Windhoek to meet with all stakeholders to find an amicable solution.