Opuwo Build-Together programme faring well

13 Jun 2013 03:40
OPUWO, 13 JUN (NAMPA) - The officer responsible for the Build-Together programme in the Opuwo Town Council, Injandisa Kavari says he is happy with the houses built for the community here since the programme was decentralised to the region.
The programme has successfully built and handed over 131 houses to its beneficiaries from 2006, which translates into a minimum of 20 houses per year.
?The programme is doing very well, as there have been no incomplete houses since it was decentralised to the town council,? Kavari noted.
He then praised the Opuwo Build-Together committee for its successes at the town, saying their hard work and dedication resulted in these accomplishments.
He, however, stated that the programme could have done much better if there were more serviced residential erven available at the town.
There is a long waiting list of applicants for Build-Together houses at Opuwo, but there is little the committee can do about the situation because of the lack of serviced erven.
?We have 500 applicants on our books from as far back as 2010, but the money from the Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development is only availed if the plot for the construction of a Build-Together house is secured in the town boundaries,? Kavari explained.
Twenty-six Build-Together houses are currently being constructed at Opuwo, and these are expected to be handed over to the beneficiaries by August this year.
The construction is being carried out at a cost of N.dollars 1,02 million.
The houses are being built on the plots of beneficiaries who acquired plots some years back, but who then applied through the Build-Together programme for assistance since they could not manage to construct their houses on their own.
Kavari noted that as soon as the Opuwo Town Council has demarcated and serviced residential erven and a section of the serviced land is allocated to their programme, houses will be constructed and handed over to those beneficiaries on the waiting list.
New applications will thereafter be accepted.
The Build-Together officer said the waiting list is limited to 500 applications to avoid people having to wait for extensive periods of time before being served.