Little water available in Windhoek over the weekend

12 Jun 2013 11:20
WINDHOEK, 12 JUN (NAMPA) - The City of Windhoek has called on residents to use water sparingly over the coming weekend for the second of four water transfer shutdowns required for the upgrading of infrastructure.
The first water transfer shutdown for the upgrading of Windhoek?s water supply infrastructure took place from 17 to 19 May.
Speaking at a media briefing here on Wednesday, City of Windhoek (CoW) Corporate Communications and Customer Care Manager Joshua Amukugo said interruptions to the water supply from the Von Bach Dam to Windhoek are scheduled for the weekend of 14 to 16 June, and are necessitated by the upgrading of the capital?s water supply system.
The normal water transfer will stop at 22h00 on Friday, and NamWater will start with the maintenance work on the pipeline on Saturday. The normal water transfer is expected to resume at 18h00 on Sunday.
Amukugo further assured the residents that the city's reservoirs will be filled, and there should thus be enough water available to supply all customers with water for the duration of this interruption if the available water is consumed sparingly.
Residents were urged to stop watering their gardens, washing cars - including car wash businesses - and hosing down paved areas during this period to prevent the city's reservoirs from running dry.
?Although the water supply from NamWater to Windhoek will once again be interrupted, the city will endeavour to fill its reservoirs to ensure that enough water is available to supply our customers. This can however only be achieved if everyone continues to use the available water sparingly,? said Amukugo.
Residents in the Brakwater area must ensure that they have enough water for the whole weekend, because they are not connected to the city's reservoirs.
Amukugo said depending on the levels of reservoirs in Windhoek, NamWater and City of Windhoek officials may decide to start transferring water to the city sooner in order not to let reservoirs run dry.
The public is, however, ensured that the bacteriological quality of the water will not be compromised and that the water will be safe for human consumption.
Due to safety reasons, the public is also requested to keep away from areas where teams will be performing the maintenance.
The work planned by NamWater includes maintenance and an upgrade of its networks, and requires the first section of the pipeline - approximately 20(km - to be completely emptied to replace a number of in-line valves.
Amukugo commended residents for their excellent co-operation and understanding during the first shutdown and further urged them to do so this time again.