BBA Update: Nominations

June 12, 2013, 5:46 am

After a grilling session with Ik last night and emotional running from hearing about the 3rd house and with couple housemates Koketso and LK4 leaving. It is time again for the housemates to play the game. It is nominations day and as always the atmosphere becomes intense.

The nominations are done during morning times and the announcements are done in the evenings were HOH of the house will have to save and replace a housemate. In the diamond house most housemates voted for Natasha because they feel she is always starting fights and /or arguments which disturb the peace in the house. And that her gossiping is irritating the housemates. Pokello had just many votes as well because of her bossy behavior.

This is how the Ruby house voted

Neyll – 1
Elikem – 1
Natasha – 5
Pokello – 5
Sulu – 2
Angelo – 1
O’Neal – 3
Selly – 2
Bassey – 2
Cleo – 0
Maria – 0

And this is how the Diamond house voted

Bolt – 5
Biguesas – 4
Dillish – 3
Nando – 3
Annabel - 3
Motamma - 2
Melvin – 1
Beverly - 1
Feza – 1
Hakeem - 1
Betty- 2
Bimp - 0
Fatima – 0

Later the same night, the nomination feel subsided, and as Maria and Angelo lay in bed, Angelo saw an opportunity to tell her how he feels about and she kindly explained how hard it is for her to allow another man in heart because her heart is taken, but to Angelo he strongly believes that there is a special connection between him and Maria. Angelo is not the only one trying his luck, looks like Feza has her eyes on Oneal, according to O’Neal’s sources Feza has been asking about him a lot. In the diary room Feza did admit her feelings for Oneal but she also heard that Oneal is one of the guys playing a game with the girls, telling every girl they like them and it is a bit of a turn off for her. The night ended with a kiss between Pokello and Elikem. Hmmmm

Housemates up for eviction are; Natasha, Biguesas, Annabel, Neyll and Pokello. HoH Melvin saved Bolt and replaced him with Annabel and HoH Selly saved O’neal and replaced him with Neyll.