Hygiene, Dillish, love or hate

June 12, 2013, 5:43 am

The housemates task was a “love or hate” theme. They were asked to each draw a painting either representing love or hate. Most of the housemates were happy about the task they seemed to be bored of doing nothing except for Sulu and Natasha, they protested hard against this task. Every housemate was asked to have a painting of their own of which big brother would need one and their reasoning is why they all can’t focus on doing that one painting not putting in mind the fact that every housemate has to have their own paintings that represents a theme of their choice, LOVE OR HATE. Cleo was very excited as she was playing pretend with her drawing board and paint brush. O’Neal seemed to have a hang of things because of his artistic skills. He can actually sketch.

Well during the course of the day I have picked up housemates bad habits. Whilst Maria and Angelo did the tango in the garden Natasha was busy digging her nose, and she dug deep, that type of digging that makes you forget that people are watching. Dillish on the other hand has a tendency of climbing on her fellow housemates beds to leave the room and Bassey took a sip directly from the cool drink bottle. It looks easy to be in the big brother house, but one must bear in mind people have different ways of doing things. But when hygiene is concerned I don’t think there should be a difference at all. Sulu with his very dirty feet goes straight to bed; do the housemates wash their own blankets? Sometimes I wonder how some of these housemates are in their own homes. Could Dillish be the girl that rather do take always or eat outs most of the times seen as she doesn’t cook? Maria is probably the type that does the work only when asked and never initiated by her. I don’t know if it is me but most housemates are so untidy. Their rooms are so cluttered with clothes one could say a hoarder lives there. Disgusting!!

Enough of the dirty talk

The housemates in the Ruby house ended their evening with songs, with Sulu and Cleo leading as they sang the most popular Zambian songs with the help of Natasha and our very own Maria. Angelo and Selly enjoyed the singing as they danced and sang along to the songs they knew. My man Sulu was feeling the songs he couldn’t help but dance. With time they changed into gospel music which got Natasha on her feet fast, with the way she was singing, you can tell Rebecca Malope is one of her favorite artist. I enjoyed watching her.

The diamond house gathered in the room and were entertained by Dillish as she did impersonations of her fellow housemates and got the spectating crew in tears. It looked like Dillish enjoyed herself and is good at it because whichever name the housemate throws at her she managed to impersonate well. It was lovely to see her in the spot light like that.