Teachers to boycott English Proficiency Test

20 Feb 2014 15:00


The Ministry of Education (MoE)’s has refused to meet the Teachers Union of Namibia (TUN) to discuss the proper implementation of the English language proficiency programme test, which teachers now threaten to boycott.

The English proficiency test should take place next month and teachers countrywide are required to take it. TUN says it has made countless attempts to meet with MoE to discuss the differences between the teachers and the ministry but doors have constantly been shut on its face.

“We are totally in agreement with the permanent secretary and the ministry about the resolution of the National Conference of Education that the national language policies be reviewed,” TUN vice president, Toini Nauyoma, said today.

She added; “We are very disappointed, however, that four years after the National Conference of Education, we are yet to see even a draft of or a committee working on the national language policy, except for disjointed and piece-meal programmes such as the ELPP, which can hardly qualify as response to the deficiencies identified by National Conference of Education”.

TUN says teachers are strongly against this examination and deem it a useless exercise. Teachers are required to co-ordinate amongst themselves to elect someone to teach the material distributed for the intended test.

“Where have you seen a blind person leading another blind person? We want the improvement but someone must come up with transparent things. The implementation of the programme does not serve any purpose,” TUN president, Mahongora Kavihuha, said.