Namibian and South African trucks impounded in Angola

19 Feb 2014 13:50pm
OSHIKANGO, 19 FEB (NAMPA) - The Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI)’s representative at the northern border town of Helao Nafidi has called on drivers travelling from neighbouring Angola to refrain from attempting to bring extra fuel over the border.
Frieda Shikangala was responding to the arrest of Namibian and South African truck drivers at Oshikango last week after the Angolan police allegedly discovered that they had been attempting to bring extra fuel over the border in ‘adopted’ tanks on their trucks.
The truck drivers in question were arrested as they were about to enter Namibia last Tuesday. They were allegedly attempting to import fuel into Namibia without authorisation.
Shikangala told Nampa on Tuesday the Angolan police impounded the trucks which are now parked at the southern Angolan town of Ondjiva. The trucks will only be released once the drivers pay a fine.
“Each driver has to pay a fine calculated according to the amount of fuel found in the adopted tank on his truck,” she explained.
She said both the Namibian and Angolan authorities recently declared the practice as illegal.
“This affects not only the drivers of trucks, but also private car drivers and individual people crossing the border from Angola into Namibia,” Shikangala said.
Shikangala travelled to Ondjiva on Tuesday morning to familiarise herself with the situation.
“Of the impounded trucks I found at Ondjiva, seven were Namibian registered and two were registered as South African trucks,” she said.