Chinese brick-making factory to cease operations for now

11 Jun 2013 09:40
WINDHOEK, 11 JUN (NAMPA)- A Chinese brick-making factory operating in Windhoek's Goreangab informal settlement will stop operating temporarily after reports that workers there are subjected to ill-treatment at the hands of their Chinese managers.
During a visit by Labour and Social Welfare Deputy Minister Alpheus Muheua to the factory on Monday, the management of the company indicated to him that they will cease operations to get their house in order after it also came to light that the company violated the basic minimum wage conditions of the Labour Act.
According to media reports in a local daily newspaper last week, workers are, amongst others, given instructions in the Chinese language, lack Social Security coverage, paid below the minimum wage of the construction industry, lack adequate protective clothing, do not receive overtime payments and also have no employment contracts.
A media statement issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare here on Tuesday said Muheua instructed the company to rectify the situation with immediate effect.
He said if they want to continue operating, the owner of the company should register all his employees with the Social Security Commission (SSC), issue them with pay slips, offer contracts of employment, and adhere to the minimum wages in the construction industry, which are set at N.dollars 11.11 per hour.
Currently, workers at that factory earn between N.dollars 40 and N.dollars 45 per day.
The statement added that the Deputy Minister also ordered the owner of the company to provide workers with adequate protective clothing, put in place a Health and Safety Policy and Programme as well as pay the workers