Hysteria expands to Omaalala from Oshilemba

18 Feb 2014 18:20pm
OMAALALA, 18 FEB (NAMPA) – Six learners of the Mvula Junior Secondary School (JSS) at the Omaalala village in the Oshana Region are allegedly also suffering from demonic attacks since early this month.
Headmaster of that school, Werner Muzanima confirmed the phenomenon to Nampa in an interview at the school on Tuesday, saying the affected children are in Grades Eight, Nine and 10, and are all females.
“The school situation is still calm and teaching continues unhindered,” he said.
Muzanima pointed out that the affected children are not attending lessons, and have been placed in the care of their parents until they get ‘better’.
He said the children were taken to hospital a few days ago, where they were diagnosed with emotional problems.
The children are between 13 and 16 years old, and are personal friends.
“All of them are accusing another learner, who had been their friend, of bewitching them at home and at school,” one of the parents of the affected children told this agency at the village on Monday evening.
The parents of three of the children have been taking theirs to attend healing prayer sessions at the homestead of a clergyman at the nearby Onelago village for the past two weeks.
The Oshilemba Combined School (CS) in the Omusati Region is another school which has certain learners who suffer from alleged demonic attacks for the past three years.
Some community members are accusing the principal and a female teacher at the Oshilemba CS of being the cause of the demonic attacks, and demand the removal of the duo.