Tarring of Onayena-Okankolo road to be completed next year

18 Feb 2014 13:50pm
WINDHOEK, 18 FEB (NAMPA) - The signing of a contract between the Roads Authority (RA) and Nexus Civils has led to a delay in the tarring of the Onayena-Okankolo road.
The tarring of District Road 3603 situated in the Oshikoto Region’s Onayena Constituency was launched by Works and Transport Deputy Minister, Kilus Nguvauva in November last year.
The total distance to be upgraded is approximately 24 kilometres and the project will be funded by Government to the tune of N.dollars 104 million.
No work has however been done on the road yet.
Nexus Civils, the contractors who are responsible for tarring the road which links Onayena to the Okankolo Constituency, were expected to be done with their work by November this year.
In a telephonic interview with Nampa on Friday, Nexus Civils’ Executive Director Kelly Nghixulifwa said they could not start tarring the road because they only signed the contract with RA early in February.
Nghixulifwa said the tarring of the road will therefore not be completed this year as was planned, but will only take place next year.
“We only got an award letter last year, and we could not start with our work because we will not be paid if we start without signing a contract,” he said.
He stated that they also still need to obtain the designs for the work to be carried out from the RA.
“As soon as we receive the drawings from the RA we are going to start because we have already established the site where we will place our tents and where our employees will be staying,” he noted.
A detour will be created for road users while work is being carried out on the road.
Approached for comment on Monday, Corporate Communication Officer of RA Hileni Fillemon however said the contract was only signed recently because Nexus had not provided surety before then.
Nexus Civils only provided surety on 28 January this year.
She said the company received the award letter from the RA on 25 November last year and no contract was signed last year.
“Our tender procedure requires the successful contractor to first provide surety (a performance guarantee) before the RA signs a contract with them. Nexus only provided surety to RA on 28 January 2014 and thereafter, contract documents had to be prepared for signing and commitment,” she said.
Fillemon indicated that the commencement date is the date on which the contract is signed.
She stated that the contact between the RA and Nexus 9+was only signed on 13 February, and the completion date is 13 February 2015.
She also indicated that the designs are done, and it is just a matter of obtaining them from the project engineer.