BBA Update: Eviction

June 11, 2013, 7:09 am

With all the partying the housemates did, most especially Selly, is busy nursing her hangover. Could it be that Selly is regretting not swapping Cleo and Hakeem and sensing the disappointment of her fellow housemates? I mean the pressure is on because she gave more housemates reasons to be nominated in future. The day was slow, Maria and Angelo cuddling up in bed. Is it possible Angelo and Maria are starting to like each other? Whatever this is I hope it doesn’t get Maria destructed by the fine “milli vanili” look-alike.

The housemates in the Ruby house had what it looked like the last supper with Lk4’s very emotional prayer, it looked like it is finally sinking in that one of them probably will not be able to ever share a meal in the big brother house as of tonight. Lk4 and Koketso are part of the nominated housemates and I couldn’t help but pity Koketso because as much as she is sympathizing and being there for LK4 she is also at risk of being evicted.

Time arrived for the live eviction show and it started off with a sizzling performance by the beautiful Kenyan Victoria Kimani with Mtoto and without wasting time Ik asked HoH of the ruby house Selly to mention who she saved and replaced. As usual with hesitance she says she Saved Biguesas and replaced him with Koketso. Koketso didn’t see this coming. With Dillish and Hakeem in the Diamond house waiting for IK to pitch. Ik announces LK4 being the 1st housemate to leave for the night and soon after the interview he announces the 2nd housemate to be evicted which was Koketso. It was sad to see the couple leave the house, but hey look at the bright side. They now have a chance to start well their relationship without limitations and Africa watching.

The housemates were treated to another shocker of the evening as “the emerald house.” This house is a big announcement meant to shake things up for the housemates. You should’ve seen the looks on their faces, those facial expressions were priceless. They starting discussing who the housemates could be, or that it is a celebrity house and etc. as the week goes by big brother will be confusing the housemates even more as fake clues arise in the course of the week.

Bidding the 2 housemate’s good bye, Koketso and Lk4 but the game continues. I am glad that Dillish made it past this and will have fingers crossed so she doesn’t get nominated the next day.